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Display and Mobile

Digi Marketplace is a great way to monetize your inventory using a massive pool of demand with unmatched global reach and scale. We put great efforts to get highest CPM's for our publishers ensuring most relevant ads displayed basing on their content. Responsive ad units automatically adapt to different screen sizes so you can create a great user experience and continue to earn revenue when people view your site on a smartphone or tablet.We maintain a brand-safe environment for advertisers and publishers to buy and sell ad space. display ads provide a safe marketplace across audiences and locales.

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Yield Optimization

Digi Marketplace enables you to improve overall yield on inventory eligible for dynamic allocation across Ad Manager and Ad Exchange, through increased competition between direct and indirect sales in an easy, fully automated manner. Optimized competition provides more opportunities for Ad Manager, Ad Exchange buyers, and Exchange Bidding buyers to compete against reservations when they are willing to pay high prices relative to the reservations.

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Video ads

Increase Engagement through High Impact Video Advertising. Capture the attention of your target audience through high-impact video advertising. Reach your target audience through in-banner video advertising or leverage our PreRoll video capabilities.If executed correctly, you can tap into this additional source of income for your site with great success.

About Us

Digi Marketplace is an internet media company that is sharply focused on delivering the easiest, most effective, and reliable global digital advertising platform.Our advertising network offers multi-channel advertising solutions for display, desktop, video and mobile. It’s important for ad formats to be optimized for each channel, so it’s a good thing that we are obsessed with the modernization of our algorithms and the use of the latest technologies. It’s our goal to always see where the next changes are coming from and adapt quickly to ensure that our publishers and advertisers are always one step ahead of their competition.

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